Photos of the Homeless featured in 'The Bones of the Homeless'

in England's
        'The Big Issue' magazine


'Down and Out in San Francisco'
                    by Judy Jones  




Text rewritten below pictures 


As a painter living in San Francisco it's hard
not to notice ever increasing numbers of
homeless people at every turn.  When
I first moved here, seeing people eating
out of garbage cans and dying on the cold
streets made me sit down and weep.

I watched as people walked by, pretending
not to see their brother and sister in each
soul crying out for help.

I prayed with all my heart to never, ever
accept fellow human beings eating out of
garbage cans and dying because of neglect. 
I only ask to be guided through to open hearts
by sharing what I see.

I bought a camera to take photographs of
the homeless I see. One day as I was sitting
in front of a store, eating, a homeless person
across the streets had tears in his eyes.  It so
overwhelmed me I left my camera on the bench
and never bought another.

Proceeds from The Big Issue go towards helping
the homeless.


Photographs of the Homeless
Judy Jones 
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